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It is true what they say about diamonds – their brilliance is equally irresistible to first time owners and jewelry traders with years of experience behind them. So, even though we’ve been dealing in diamonds for four generations and more than 100 years, we always appreciate buying more of these beautiful diamond stones.

Buying diamonds is a skillful art that requires the eye of a connoisseur and the knowledge of a seasoned jeweler. That is why Andrew & Peter Fabrikant Fine Diamonds is among the most reputable diamond buyers in New York.

Each staff member at Andrew & Peter Fabrikant Fine Diamonds has been trained by the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A) and is an expert in jewelry appraisal. We are well versed with the four C’s of diamonds that goes into determining its value. Bring us your diamond or send us your details and our team of certified experts will evaluate it for:

Cut: It refers to the proportions, finish, symmetry, and polish of a diamond and all these factors go into determining its brilliance.

Clarity: Most diamonds have some inclusions or intrinsic flaws. The number and size of these inclusions determine the clarity of the diamond. A diamond can have clarity ranging from flawless (no inclusions) to inclusions that are easy to locate with the naked eye. As the clarity of the diamond decreases, so does the price.

Color: Diamonds usually have colors ranging from colorless to varying shades of yellow. Colorless diamonds shine the most as they allow the maximum refraction of light. Therefore, they are also the most expensive.

Carat Weight: A diamond is weighed in carats. Since large diamonds are rarer to find, the price of a diamond is directly related to its carat size.

Diamond Buyers Long Island

Our staff will not just assess your diamonds for these measurable qualities, but also for their aesthetic and market value. They will check your jewelry for grading from G.I.A. and similar association standards, and whether it’s been signed by a designer like Cartier, Tiffany, etc. They will also take into consideration the workmanship and desirability of the piece.

Now these are nuances that only those with years of experience in the diamond trade can appreciate and evaluate. As one of the premier diamond buyers in NY, NJ and the Long Island area, we have the experience that is valued by our customers and envied by our rivals.

The staff of Andrew & Peter Fabrikant Fine Diamonds is led by fourth generation jewelry experts Andrew and Peter Fabrikant and has more than 100 years of combined experience in the jewelry trade. So, head to our store if you are looking for diamond buyers in Long Island.

Though we are located at New York’s Fifth Avenue in the famed Diamond District, we invite customers from all over the country. If you cannot personally visit our offices, allow us to arrange for secure and insured shipment of your jewelry. We will assess your jewelry and send you a price quote before the sale is concluded. If you are not 100 percent satisfied with our offer, we will return your jewelry and even pay for the return shipping. So, send us a description of the diamonds you are looking to sell and someone from our team will get in touch with you at a convenient time. We want you to leverage our expertise and get the best return from the sale of your diamonds and jewelry.