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How To Sell Your Jewelry

Have you ever considered selling your jewelry?  Past relationships, evolving tastes, financial concerns, and record high gold and diamond prices are all great reasons to consider selling jewelry now.  If your jewelry is never worn, it should be sold.

Here is a simple, step-by-step guide to lead you in the right direction to sell your valuables.

1.  Inventory each piece you are considering selling.
Simply write down the jewelry you would consider selling.  A good suggestion is to study the jewelry and see if there is any visible wear and tear. Damaged and poorly repaired jewelry will be worth less than the same piece in pristine condition. You should know before leaving jewelry with a professional if it has any damage.

Gather any information you may have about the jewelry. This would include bills of sale, appraisals, laboratory reports, or memory and family lore. Gathering these bits of information will help you evaluate the items without spending money on further appraisals.

Note: Do not clean Antique or Vintage jewelry. We have seen too many people remove some of the value by cleaning jewelry and removing its patina.

Do not have jewelry you are considering selling repaired. Antique jewelry, such as period pieces, should be restored by an expert.  Typically, local jewelers do not know manufacturing techniques and the materials needed to properly repair an antique.

2.  Take pictures (do not use flash) and begin your search for the best buyer of your jewelry.

  • Take pictures of a few different angles, front and back.  If the piece contains a larger center gemstone a close up would be helpful as well.
  • Use a digital camera if one is available to you.
  • Showing the jewelry to a local jeweler will help you establish an idea of value for your jewelry.
  • Remember, your local jeweler is very limited- especially for larger diamonds and important jewelry, so don’t be tempted by offers they may give you- you can do much better!
  • Do not leave jewelry with a business that does not provide insurance for the jewelry you are leaving with them.

The best market for Estate Jewelry (pre-owned) and diamonds is in New York, NY.
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