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Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewels

Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewels and The Auction Conundrum

During Elizabeth Taylor’s thirty-year span of pursuing, acquiring, and wearing the world’s finest gems, she may very well have been the greatest advertiser the jewelry industry has ever known.

Christie’s has announced that they have the privilege of auctioning her collection. The Elizabeth Taylor collection is truly magnificent and I hope to be in the gallery at Christie’s for the sale.

The Taylor-Burton diamond is one of the rarest of gems, having both history and pedigree to its credit and value. This diamond, as well as her entire collection, not only carries her seal of approval, but also the added allure of being part of the legacy Elizabeth Taylor leaves behind.

As much I would love the opportunity to examine and purchase this fabulous collection, auction is where it belongs. If Christie’s performed the auction without commission, the publicity alone would be well worth it for them.

The question really becomes is auction right for you? Before you make a decision, there are a few things you should know.  Most importantly, what selling your jewelry will actually cost.   Unless you possess the one or two most sought after items in a sale, you will be subject to the market.  We, at Andrew & Peter Fabrikant Fine Diamonds (, can achieve better results for you with a minimum of time and a maximum of value.

If your jewelry, as the auction houses saying goes, “hammers” at $100,000, you must remember that the fees associated with the sale will absorb a substantial portion of your payout.  If your jewelry sells at $100,000 you may walk away with only $60,000.  Can you afford to miss out on $40,000?

Professionals in the jewelry world are the biggest clients at auction. If they are willing to pay the auction house’s 25% fee, (did I mention that our commission is considerably lower?), then why should you have to then pay an additional 10 – 15%?   Combined, the fees can add up to as much as 40% of the total value not including marketing fees, such as photography. You have now sold your gem or jewelry for significantly lower than what you can expect to get at Andrew & Peter Fabrikant (   Simply put, the auction house pockets up to 70% of what you do, without risk.

Timing is an important factor when considering an auction house.  You usually have to submit an item to auction months in advance of the sale.  Thirty five days after the sale, if the jewelry is sold and if the auction house is paid, you will get paid.  You have now committed a minimum of four months to sell your jewelry.  Do you have the leisure of time involved if your jewelry does not sell?

Does this all sound problematic to you?  If so, we have a solution.
Our family is in its fourth generation in the jewelry business.  We can guarantee an offer for your jewelry faster without the added worry of fees. Our extensive network of private collectors, clients, and retailers enables us to get you more for your jewelry.

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