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Andrew and Peter Fabrikant, cousins and principals of Andrew & Peter Fabrikant, Fine Diamonds and Jewelry ( pride themselves on having developed a successful estate jewelry buying company, but also on their 140-year-old family history in the trade.  Couple that with their expansive diamond and jewelry knowledge, and you’ve got a winning formula for their clients.

Imagine inheriting a fine 6.00 carat diamond ring from your mother, or a collection of antique or art deco jewelry.  They are lovely but not your style.  What is the smart thing to do?  Andrew and Peter Fabrikant have the answer- sell them!  According to Andrew Fabrikant, “Jewelry that you don’t wear has more value as money than it does as jewelry, so the logical thing to do is to sell it.” These two cousins will tell you that it’s the value and history of second-hand, or estate jewelry, which gets their blood pumping.  Both G.I.A. trained, these gentlemen contend that the best education is hands-on experience.  “The G.I.A. can train you how to grade a diamond, but it can’t tell you how to value it”, says Peter.

Andrew & Peter Fabrikant offer the highest prices for diamond and estate jewelry. “We must find a way to pay people more for their jewelry than our competitors,” says Peter.  “We can and will pay more, as we have the capability of selling to the national and international market place. Knowledge of where and what markets desire helps to establish higher values for our clients.”  This places Andrew & Peter Fabrikant in the enviable position of being able to offer the highest prices for a large estate or for a single estate piece. And when one considers the enormous commission rates charged by auction houses, it makes sense to sell directly to this well-established and well-financed firm.

Andrew & Peter look to expand upon their family legacy into the future.  “We are centralized here in New York since this is the diamond and jewelry hub of the United Sates, if not the world.  To maintain control and serve our clients well, we must be hands-on.  We don’t find it appropriate to be a faceless and heartless entity as some of our competitors.  Our goal is to help clients develop their estates and increase the amount of money we can get for them.” Andrew and Peter understand the dynamics and emotions of selling jewelry because they are a family.  If you go to the auction houses or retail stores to sell your jewelry, you are not going to get the personal understanding and attention Andrew and Peter Fabrikant can provide.  Andrew and Peter both agree, “We are proud of our legacy and accomplishments and strive to satisfy the needs of each and every one of our clients.”  To speak with Andrew & Peter Fabrikant directly, you can contact us now!